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This book was compiled from recorded interviews with an American woman artist whose life spanned almost the entire 20th century. It is an oral history edited from her own words into a narrative autobiography. In addition, more than 200 graphics illustrate the entire range of the artist’s life.

For more than 70 years Dorr Bothwell worked as a fine artist and her life can be summed up by Willem de Kooning’s declaration, “I don’t paint to live. I live to paint.” But her life, though inseparable from her art, was so rich and so inspirational—particularly for modern women—that this captivating story should be shared.

From a transcendent moment in 1906 when she was four years old, until 1997, when her eyes no longer allowed her to paint, Dorr Bothwell never deviated for one moment from her life-long artistic quest. As a woman and a Californian, she faced prejudices and obstacles—and at times hardships—that would have impeded most people. Not Dorr. She continued painting, traveling, teaching and examining new-found paths of her own creation.

Release date: December 2013

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Dorr Bothwell Straws in the Wind

An Artist's Life as told to Bruce Levene | Art Direction — Marge Stewart

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